The Ugliest Woman in the World

I will need Job Interview letters and resumes, Market Plan Written material, Ag Comm Media Plan, and the Ag Issues Portfolio TOMORROW – October 26th.  I will need to convert to pdf, compress, and email along with our final registration for Jackrabbit Leadership Invite.

Remember – the requirements for Leadership CDEs for this class are due November 1.  Please send them in ONE email.

Sophomores and Juniors – How are you coming on your SAE grants – they are due November 15th. So far, only one student has created the application in AET!

There’s been a lot of great things and a few really not so great things happening in our lives lately.  Sometimes I find that I need to take a step back and try to put my life and my struggles into perspective.

Watch this video:

We all have things about ourselves the we may not like.  For instance – I really dislike my nose!  Seeing my profile in Liz’s Star video makes me cringe!  What things does Lizzie find as up-sides to her condition?  What does the video make you think about?  How does it make you feel?  Does it make you feel guilty about those times when you’ve been the person saying negative things about another’s appearance?  How do you feel about your physical shortcomings after watching this video?

Your post is due Thursday, October 27th, 2016 at 8:15 a.m.

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Learning That Leads to Change

All printed or written material for Leadership CDEs for those competing at Jackrabbit Invite are due October 26th before noon!  I have to submit all the materials at the time of our final registration. That only gives us a few days after returning from National Convention.  This means Ag Issues Portfolio, Ag Comm Media Plan, Market Plan, Public Speeches, and Job Interview things.
14067505_1430633863619458_7215226678568773308_n-1What have you learned recently that has changed the way you live?  Or changed your outlook on something or the way you feel about a particular issue?  Have you had a “life changing” experience that put things in a new perspective for you?  If so, what happened?  Are you disillusioned by the current Presidential election?  Do you doubt the importance of your solitary vote in the grand scheme of things?  Do you look at certain things differently than you used to when you were younger?  My opinions on a lot of things have changed over time, perhaps I’m just more cynical?  What about you, is there something you used to things was the absolute best that you’re not as fired up about now?

Your post is due Tuesday, October 25, 2016 at 8:15 a.m.

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In the Future

If you are interested, the National FFA Convention sessions will be streamed online at  It is also available on DISH and Direct TV on RFDTV.  Liz Renner will be on stage as a Star in AgriScience finalist on Thursday night during the 7:00 session.  Indy is on Eastern time, so when it’s 7:00 p.m. there, it’s only 6:00 p.m. here at home.

14292414_1454395141243330_4541265527436330543_nIt’s time to polish up your imagination and do a little bit of day dreaming.  What do you see when you look to the future?  Is it the kind of world you want to live in?  Why or why not?  Are there events that you think may change our world for the better or worse?  What will the industry of agriculture look like 25-50 years from now?  How do you think technology will be different, more advanced, more intrusive in that same time frame? Spend some time dreaming and imagining and tell me all about it!

Your post is due Friday, October 21, 2016b at 8:15 a.m.

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Backpacks full of dreams

National Convention – We leave a week from today!  Tuesday, October 18, 2016.  Be at the airport at 4:00 a.m. ready to go.  Don’t forget your driver’s license.  The balance of your payment is due this week!

Keep working on Leadership CDE materials.  Make sure your name is on the sign up sheet on the door for the event or events you’ll be entering.  I will register our chapter on Friday – October 14th.

BIG Ideas are due Thursday!  So far – Four BIG Ideas have been submitted!


For today:  If you were forced to eliminate everything in your life except what could fit into a single backpack what would you put in it?  Why did you choose the things that you did?  Why are they important to you?   What would you use them for?  How would they improve your quality of life?

Your post is due Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 8:15 a.m.

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In Over Your Head

Keep working on your BIG Ideas.  They are due next week Thursday!

Keep working on Leadership CDE materials.  We have to register next week Wednesday – and will have to submit any written material for judging at that time – Job Interview, Market Plan, Ag Issues, and Ag Comm. Carson, Lauryn, and Emma – PLEASE – sit down together and force yourselves to get some writing done. Use old media plans as your guide.

Keep working on your SAE records in AET.

Sometimes it’s easy to get in “Over your head”.  Describe a situation where you had to request help of assistance on a project or assignment.
shutterstock_69626902What caused you to get in over your head?  Who was or is to blame?  How did you react to the situation?

Your post is due Thursday, October 6, 2016 at 8:15 a.m.

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SAE and SAE Grants

Today we’ll spend some time getting into AET and getting some work done.  Your username should be your first initial followed by your last name.  Your first initial and the first letter of your last name are capital, all the other letters are lower case.  Your password should be the same as your username.  Our chapter number is SD0068.

Work through all the links on the Profile tab.


When you have all the profile links completed, please begin, or continue working on your SAE records.  If you need help – ask!  There are also lots of tutorials for completing your records!  Please use them!  To find them, once you are logged in, check the lower left hand menu – you’re looking for “Student Help”.

If you need some help with choosing or identifying possible SAEs, check this link.

Or read through this document.

This document details the 2016_proficiency_area_descriptions.  This will give you further ideas of possible SAEs.

Sophomores and Juniors – Free Money to start or expand your SAE!  Applications will be completed through AET and are due November 15, 2016.  There are 149 $1000 grants available for FFA members.  To begin your SAE grant application go to Reports>FFA Awards/Degree and Application Manager, then select SAE Grant from the drop down and click add.  This is a class requirement for all Sophomores and Juniors!


Listing of  available grants

Blank Sample Application

SAE Grant Rubric

SAE Grant Requirements

  • Applicants must be in grades 7 – 11.
  • Applicants must be current FFA members.
  • Applicants must demonstrate financial need.

Who can apply?

FFA members who wish to initiate or improve their Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAEs) can apply for an SAE grant.

How are grant recipients selected?

Grant recipients will be selected by the SAE Grants committee.

Grants are awarded based primarily on financial need. The advisor’s statement is crucially important in establishing the financial need and eligibility of the applicant.

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Learning Things The Hard Way

Our due date for the BIG Idea is coming up!  Your projects are due to be submitted on or before October 13, 2016.  I know the website says otherwise, but, I know how you love to wait until the last minute.  For that reason and the fact that we’ll just be getting home from National Convention about the time the actual due date occurs, I’ve made our due date a bit earlier.  One of the critiques that students gave me for this class last year was to spread out the due dates for things…….so, there you go!

When I log into the BIG Idea site I can see that several of you have created one or more student accounts.  When I access the projects tab I can see that three projects have been started.  You have Seven more Blue days, counting today and the 13th, to get your work for the BIG Idea perfected and submitted.


Later this week we’ll be logging into AET and getting some work done on records, SAE Grants, proficiency apps, etc.  Feel free to get a head start on those things.

Leadership CDES – HELP!  It’s time to really get going here.  I’m starting to lose sleep over our lack of productivity in this area.  The registration date for Jackrabbit Invite is October 12th!  We are required to submit any written material with our registration.  This means our Ag Issues Portfolio, Ag Comm Media Plan, Market Plan, and Job Interview have to be ready enough to go with our registration.  WOW – have we got some work to do!  If you aren’t sure what to do – please ask!  Several of us have A LOT OF WRITING to do!

14089301_1434530096563168_8923983294686139696_nWhat life lessons did you have to learn first hand before your fully understood them?  I remember as a teenager and young adult, I wasn’t always quick to take my parents’ word for things.  Many times, I thought I knew better.  I found out, on many occasions, that I didn’t!  What things have you had to learn “the hard way”?  Tell me all about it.

Your post is due Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 8:15 a.m.

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Leadership CDE Info

The Job Interview descriptions have been released.  Find them here.

Ag Sales info: Ag Sales Product Info

Ag Comm Scenario: 2016-agricultural-communications-scenario

Rules for all CDEs can be found here.

Expectations with regard to Leadership CDEs can be found in this post.

Everyone should have things to work on!  Pick something and do it!

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Disappointed Parents


Tell me about a time when your parents were very disappointed in you.  What happened?  What did you do?  How did your parents learn of what you had done? How did you respond?  What did you learn from this experience?  Do you think your parents overreacted?  Why or why not?  How did you feel about the situation?  Did you feel bad about what you had done or because you had gotten caught?  Tell me all about it!

Your post is due Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 8:15 a.m.

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What if…….

Keep working on things in the expectations list for the semester – your BIG Idea, SAE records, Leadership CDEs etc.

Thanks for all your work and help with the Brat Feed!  I’m pleased with how things went and eager for it to become an annual event.  I think it will only grow with more time to advertise, plan, and promote!


I watched something on the History Channel a few weeks ago.  The premise of the show was predicting and discussions the implications of the next major eruption of the Yellowstone Supervolcano.

View this video:

What does the video tell us about when and what may happen?

For more info, read this article.

Why would North America and the rest of the world find itself in a severe food crisis?  What things scared or surprised you?  Is this something you’ve thought about previously?  What could we do to prepare for or prevent this disaster?  What other hazards or dangers could we find ourselves faced with?  What is the likelihood that South Dakota would be covered with lava?

Your blog post is due Friday, September 16, 2016 at 8:15 a.m.

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