If you have a missing grade in the grade book it is for one of a few reasons:

1.  You have not emailed me a link to your blog

2. I have not been able to grade any late posts because I did  not have links to your blogs until you send/sent them to me.

3.  I have not gone back in to look for posts that were missing when the due date arrived.

There are sign up sheets for CDEs on the door for Flandreau – March 19, Lennox  – March 26, and Tri-Valley – March 3.  Registrations will have to be sent in relatively soon, so, you know what to do.


What’s one bad habit we would all be better off without? Why?  What’s one habit that you believe you need to develop?  They say it takes something like 7 days to make something into a habit.  Do you think that is true? Tell me all about it.

Your post is due Monday, March 3, 2014



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