Being Grateful

The change in our weather is something that I’m so grateful for.  Most of the snow and ice have melted from our driveway and the thaw is starting to fill up the pond again.  After a long winter and many hours in the backhoe, I’m thankful that it seems Spring is on it’s way, finally!

I caught up on Ag Leadership grades yesterday.  So, if you STILL have a missing post you might want to get after that!

We will leave for Flandreau next week Wednesday before school starts.  It will be a Blue day.  Please start early on your make up slip as you won’t be able to get them signed in the morning before we leave.  I will be registering our teams for State Convention next week.  It’s a lot of money for the chapter to spend if people are not going to be adequately prepared.  It’s time to hit it hard!

Just a reminder on future dates:

Lennox CDEs – March 26

Tri-Valley – March 31

State Convention – April 6-8.

Banquet date – To Be Determined

For today:


What’s something that you’re grateful for that you sometimes take for granted? Your post must be at least five sentences!

Your post is due Thursday, March 13, 2014 at 8:30 a.m.

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