We all have chores, jobs, or tasks that we’d rather do just about anything rather than having to do that job.  What job is it for you that you absolutely hate?  For me, it’s mowing the lawn.  It just takes FOREVER!  You have to wait until the grass is dry, which this summer, seemed to take forever as well.  Then you have to mow around all those trees, try not to run over treasures in the yard that will damage the lawnmower. And all the jostling!  UGH!  Our lawn is not smooth by any means so it’s like riding on a bumpy gravel road or 6 hours straight.

OK, I think you get the idea, I’d rather do just about anything but mow the lawn.  Tell me about the chore that you hate as well as the one thing you don’t procrastinate on when it needs doing.  What is it that helps you to not procrastinate?

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