Semester Expectations

2014-15 Ag Leadership Expectations

1st Semester

Maintain your blog and respond to prompts as assigned and by the due date.

SAE records up to date using AET.  We’ll be working together to get our records punched in and up to date. Your Records will be a portion of your quarter grade.  Please work along with the rest of the class instead of waiting until the end of the quarter/semester!

Seniors will  complete the State FFA Degree Application – due January 14, 2015.  Some of you should consider completing the Star battery for either star in placement, agribusiness, agriscience or farmer.  The star battery requires quite a bit of writing and 6 photos and captions, start early!  Our work on records in AET will help to streamline this process as the information will simply “fly” into the application which we will be completing online.

We will also be completing Proficiency applications online via AET.

Complete the BIG Idea.  Your entry is due October 20, 2014.

Create a video for the SD Soybean Video Contest.  More information is available here.  This year’s theme is GMO safety. Videos will be due in December.  For our purposes the due date will be prior to the posted date so that we can be sure to get everyone’s video uploaded in time.  Please, do this early!  There will be no growing Soybeans to use as part of your footage if you wait until December! The following fact must be included in your video – Over 25 years of independent research shows there is no evidence of harm to human health or deaths from consumption of GM foods.  We had two videos disqualified last year because they did not include the fact in their video.

Prepare for Leadership CDEs – whether competing or not, everyone will complete at least the following prior to November 4, 2015:  We will discuss how these items will be handed in.

Choose two or more from this list:

Rules for all Leadership CDEs will be posted here.  Check the rules for the CDE you are working on.  Some things (Ag Sales Products, Job descriptions, Ag Comm prompt etc.) won’t be available until mid September.

  • Complete the letter of application and resume for the Job Interview CDE.  Jobs are posted here
  • Prepare for the Ag Broadcasting CDE.  Have three 30 second commercials for fictitious agricultural products written and memorized.  Develop an outline for a 4 minute broadcast complete with times for each section (markets, weather, news etc).
  • Using the 2013 National Extemp Speaking Topic list, available here, collect and compile reference materials for each topic in preparation for the Extemp Speaking CDE.
  • Prepare a written manuscript for the prepared public speaking CDE – 6-8  minutes in length on an agricultural topic.  In your own words with a works cited/bibliography page.  No plagiarism!  Check the rules for proper formatting (MLA vs APA)
  • Form a team and complete all necessary product and presentation for the:
  • Ag Communications CDE (team of 3) Prompt for this year’s Media Plan will be available in Mid  September.
  • Prepare for the Ag Sales CDE – research the specified products, develop a portfolio of product information for your category.  Develop sales pitches for each of the  products in your category.  Search for and study Written tests
  • Market Plan CDE (team of 3)
  • Ag Issues (team of 7)

Our District has changed!  The districts were realigned this summer.  Harrisburg has been added to our district so that changes the competition level and some of the dynamics within the district!

These requirements and expectations are subject to change at the discretion of the instructor!




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