The Power of Words

Your Soybean Video is due to me on or before December 10th.  That’s next week Wednesday.  Here’s a link to the rules.  The last page is the entry form that must accompany your entry.

Use to upload and send your video and entry form to as well as me.

Please remember that this assignment is a requirement for this class.

If you need help – ASK!

Other reminders – Fruit comes in Tuesday, December 2 (tomorrow). They claim the truck will be here at 7:30 a.m.  I’ll bring donuts for those of you who come to help unload the truck!

State Leadership – leave Sunday at noon, be home Monday night at about 7:00 or so.  All information that you should need is in the email I sent you last week.

For today, take a look at this video:


On your blog, react to what you saw.  How have words made a difference in your life?  Is there a time when a different set of words could have changed everything much like the new words in the video.  They basically said the same thing, but in a different way.  We use words everyday to communicate a host of different ideas, emotions, and information.  How could you choose your words more carefully to convey your meaning in a better way?

Your post is due Wednesday, December 3, 2014 at 8:30 a.m.


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