GMO labeling – Semester Post!

It’s research time!



Over the past few years, several states have introduced ballot initiatives that relate to the labeling of GMO products or crops.

Which states have had such legislation?

Which state/states recently had this issue on their ballot?

What was the result of those votes?

What is the argument for this legislation?  What do the people in favor of mandatory labeling say about it? Why do they think it’s necessary?

What is the argument against this legislation? What do the people who are opposed to mandatory labeling say about it?  Why do they want to see this initiative defeated?

Do you expect a continued effort or push for labeling of GMO crops and products derived from them?

What about the rest of the world, what countries, if any, have labeling rules?

Has this issue ever been on the South Dakota ballot or even on the radar?

Who are the major players in this issue?  (Which companies or government agencies have an opinion or a stake in the discussion?

What’s your opinion on the issue? Do you believe that labeling should be mandatory? Why or Why not?

Provide links to where you found all of your information with each answer.

Your post is due Friday, December 19, 2014 at 8:30 a.m.


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