Spring CDE Prep

General information and rules for all of our Spring CDEs can be accessed here.  Scroll down past all of the dates of CDEs and you’ll find the rules.


We will attend and compete in the Flandreau, Tri Valley, and Lennox CDES.  Dates are all in March and are on the calendar in the front of the room.  Your first opportunity is a little over a month away!

On your blog answer the following:

1.  What CDE are you preparing to compete in?
-Keep in mind that although you may want to try a couple of CDEs, the registration dates may not allow for you to compete at the first one and still be able to register for a different CDE for the third CDE prior to convention. So, spend some time reading through the information provided and/or talk with members who have competed in an area you are curious about.

2.  What is or are your realistic goals for your success in your chosen CDE?

3.  How will you measure your success?

4.  What is your plan for achieving your goal(s)

5. How much time do you pledge to spend preparing for your CDE?  Your time can be pledged either per week or per class period.

6.  Last year some of us utilized a google doc to record study time.  Was that helpful?  Did you enter study time or did you just not study?

7.  What should be the rule for qualifying to compete in the State CDEs?  Should members have to place among a certain percentage as an individual or a team in the preliminary CDEs?

8.  What resources or study materials do you need?  Is it something you can create or something we need to look into purchasing?

9.  What are realistic expectations for your FFA Advisor where your CDE prep and performance is concerned?  How can I help you to enjoy greater success in your CDE?

Your post is due at the end of class today!

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