What does success look like?

882How do you define success?  What is your idea of a successful person?  Give me an example of someone you believe is successful.  Someone normal, in your everyday life.  I’m not looking for answers like Payton Manning or Steve Jobs, but someone you actually know.  Why do you believe that that person is successful?  What traits or habits can you take from that person’s behavior or life and integrate into your own to help yourself become more successful?

Your post is due at 8:15 a.m. on Monday, March 16, 2015

In other news – if you are planning to order a sweatshirt or sweat pants, please get your order info written on the door.  Payment due when they come in.

On Wednesday, next week, we leave for Flandreau at 8:30.  Bring money or lunch or both.  Casual dress.  The buses will NOT be staying so don’t bring more stuff than YOU want to keep track of.

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