Food Inc. 4

From Seed to Super Market:

• From Monsanto’s perspective, it is expensive to develop new seeds like these, and the seeds save farmers time and enable them to produce more soybeans. What might be the consequences—both positive and negative—of the
company owning the genetic information in the seed?

• How does this situation compare to downloading music from “free” sites?

• How does it compare to the Microsoft monopoly case in which Microsoft
was accused of having an unfair competitive advantage when it required
consumers to buy both its Web browser and computer operating system

The Veil:

• In the film, Noel Kramers of the California Farm Bureau says that the bureau is against labeling because it “creates unnecessary fear in the consumer’s mind.” Do you agree with this reasoning? Why or why not?

• Can you name different consumer products that have warning labels about
their use or safety (cigarettes, alcohol, appliances, games, and so on)? What impact, if any, do you think these labels have?

• Health experts recently called for warning labels on energy drinks, pointing out the effects of “caffeine intoxication”—a syndrome that can cause anxiety, insomnia, gastrointestinal upset, tremors, rapid heartbeat, and even death. Would a warning label affect whether or not you buy energy drinks? Why or why not?

• How effective are labels in helping consumers make decisions about their
food? What might be more effective?

Shocks to the System:

• What kinds of actions have you taken before to make a change at home, at
school, or in the community? What was effective? What wasn’t?

• Aside from the supermarket, in what other arenas can individuals and groups make an impact on our food system?

What are your final thoughts about the film?  Did it make you angry, curious?  Do you agree with all of the content presented?  Tell me about it.

Your post is due Friday, May 15, 2015 – Seniors – your post is due today.  I will sign your check out sheet after you have posted.

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