Are You an AgVocate?

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Check out this initiative.

Do some research, are there any restaurant chains who include some misleading statements in their advertisements as it relates to agriculture? Tell me about it on your blog. Conversely, are their restaurants that do a good job of promoting agriculture? Tell me about that as well.  Can you find any information about individuals who are active in ag advocacy (hint – these brothers do parody videos)  What can you tell me about them.  Other than Ag United, what organizations make ag advocacy a big part of their mission?  We’ll be participating in the #SpeakAg initiative as we are able this fall.  Start thinking of ways that you can participate and advocate for the nation’s largest and most critical industry.  Do you have ideas for Chapter activities that would fit into #SpeakAg?  You’ve got lots to tell me about today!

Your post is due Tuesday, September 15, 2015 at 8:15 a.m.

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