Working Without Getting Paid

Thank you for bringing your desks back into the room!  If you have not done that yet, how ’bout you each go grab a desk or two and bring them back in.  Thanks!

Please – don’t try to give fruit money to the sub on Thursday, December 3rd.  Wait until Friday, December 4th to give it to me!

If you have extra fruit, meat, or cheese, please put the meat or cheese in the cooler, put the fruit on or near the large table closest to the book cabinet.

If you have Butter Braids, please, take them to the kitchen and ask Mrs. Wittrock or one of the other Lunch ladies to put them in the freezer with the other Butter Braids.

For those of you competing at State Leadership – we leave Sunday at noon!  Get your make up slip filled out and make sure you are ready.  Ag Issues – your movie is sitting on my desk.  You can watch it during class if you like.  If you can’t figure out  how to make the DVD player etc work – call me!

You may have heard that it’s important to do what you “love” for a career.  Most days, I love my job!  I’m sure some of you may be able to guess which days I don’t love it quite as much.


With that in mind, If you had to work without getting paid for 90 days straight, what work would you want to do?  Tell me all about it.  Be descriptive and detailed.  Tell me why you’d want that to be what you did.  What is it you enjoy or think you would enjoy about doing that type of work?

On Wednesday, we’ll be working on SAE records.  Bring any hours, income statements, pictures etc that need to go in your record book to school with you on Wednesday.   – Old people and Officers – help out the new people if they’re confused about what I’m talking about.  For Derick and Sam – you don’t understand this, and that’s ok.  I’ll catch you up during State Leadership.

2nd Block – You may have time to start working on your video we talked about. Flip Cams are still on my desk.

Your post is due Monday, December 7, 2015 at 8:15 a.m.

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