Record Book Day!

Today we’ll be concentrating on catching up on our SAE records.  All of our records are online, no papers to lose, no laptop to crash.  The system at AET has a built in interface with all SAE based award applications.  That means the the information that you enter into your AET records will merge into your State FFA Degree (most seniors), Proficiency application (most of you), Star Greenhand Application (Jill) etc.  The more we enter and the more regularly we enter the information, the easier the application processes will be!

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 7.51.24 AM

Let’s get logged in!  Go to the AET website.  Click on Student on the left side.  Your username and password should be your first initial followed by your last name.  The first initial and the first letter of your last name are capital letters.  Ex: LPetersen  If you have trouble getting this far, let me know.  Our Chapter number is SD0068.

Click on Profile, click on manage/edit personal profile/password.

Fill all of that information out.

Go back to Profile, click on Record your School Ag Class Schedule – complete that page.

Back to Profile again and continue working your way through the menu options.

Now it’s time to decide what the best SAE (s) are for you.  Read through this document.

Here is a GIANT list of SAE ideas.

For more ideas or clarification, check out this site.

Watch this video

At anytime, you can click on the Student Help option on the left side.  This will bring up a host of help topics with fairly good step by step instructions.  There’s a lot to learn here, so don’t feel bad if the help menu becomes your new best friend!

We’ll be working on records and subsequent applications a lot for the next few months. I’ll be moving around the room to help you!  Some things we’ll do together, somethings will be relevant to only a few of you, it all depends on your situation and your SAE.  Everyone will complete records of some type!

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