Here’s some money, come get it!


We’re going to take a stab at Proficiency Awards this year.  Last year, McCook Central FFA Chapter went home from State Convention on Sunday night with more than $10,000 in students’ pockets!  I think some of that money needs to ride home with us!

There are 47 different areas.  The state awards cash prizes for the top three people in each of those areas.  First place – $250, Second place – $100, Third place – $50.  Many areas do not have three applicants in them!

You may apply in as many areas as you qualify in. Each area will require a separate application.

Here are the award areas for 2016.Award Areas

Here are descriptions for each area (these are from 2015, but that’s ok).Descriptions

Here are three sample Proficiency applications:

Placement App

Beef Entrepreneurship

Combined Placement & Entrepreneurship

We’ll be working on Proficiencies for the next month, a little at a time.

You are eligible to apply for proficiency awards throughout high school and during your first year of college or tech school.

Underclassmen, and those seniors who wish to apply again next year,  your application will just hang out in AET until this time next year!

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