Second Semester!

Congratulations Seniors, you graduate this year!

Weston – check your email.  I forwarded a message to you relative to your scholarship application.  Let me know how it’s going, I’ll see if I can help further while I’m in Pierre.

Seniors: If you are working on your scholarship and have trouble getting things to “stay” in the application – try this:

clear the Internet cache (Tools/Delete browsing history/Delete), then reboot the computer before trying to log back in.

Cory and Tristen – follow the directions on these posts

How to’s of Blogging

Getting Started

Cory and Tristen – ask the rest of the class for help if you get stuck.

For today:

Continue working on Proficiency and Scholarship applications – Tristen – I’ll catch you up when I get back. Read this post in the mean time.

Blog Post:


What causes you to lose respect for or stop respecting another person? Is it a poor choice they made, actions they’ve taken, lies they’ve told?  Have they completely changed their friend group and interests?  Did they quit something and leave you high and dry?  Have they simply changed so much over time that you no longer agree on deal-breaker issues?  Tell me all about it – remember, no “real” names if you’re telling me about people here.  You never know who may stumble upon your blog and then the word gets out that you wrote about so-and-so.  It just goes downhill from there, trust me!

Your post is due Friday, January 22, 2016 at 8:15 a.m.

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