Proficiency Award Wrap Up!

By 3:30 p.m. on the February 17th – Next week Wednesday, I need the following**:

__________ Printed and signed signature page

__________ All sections of the “checklist” say “Met” with the exception of the last two.

__________  Your personal page – printed

__________ an ok from you – preferably by email, that you are done and I can print your application on the color printer.

Feel free to help your neighbor by trading computers and helping to proof read their writing.  I’m trying to get through all of them, but some help would be awesome!

**For some of you, we’re on a case by case basis for this assignment.  Check with me if you are not sure what I’m expecting and requiring of you.

I’m pretty sure that we should celebrate being done with Proficiency Award Apps next week Friday.  How about breakfast in class?

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