Thank you for your input!

Here are the general things that I took from all of your posts about proficiency awards:  P.S. 10 of you are missing this blog post

Many of you think it will be easier next year, because we’ve been through it once.  I agree!  Now we’ve got a lot of sample apps to look at that did well on the state level.

Start earlier – We may start earlier next year – but really – many of you are procrastinators and will wait until the last minute anyway.  If we start earlier, I will move up the due dates.  I think that will help all of us to have a little less stressful experience with the completion of the apps. Some suggested the value of entering data into AET on a regular basis so that the records are their for future applications.

Start earlier and spread due dates out more.

Many of you talked about the importance of having your records up to date in AET and working on them constantly, not just once or twice a year.

I need to teach more or provide more instruction.  Now that I know more about the process, it will be easier for me to help students more with what types of things to write.  I’ve also got more experience with the rubric – that will help us to capture points that we missed this year.

Only a few of you answered the question about if you could apply in other areas.  Of those that answered it, only 5 listed what areas they could compete in.

Some of you set goals like having more finalists than this year, two people set a specific goal of 20 finalists in 2017.  One person set the goal of 20-25 finalists.  Another goal is to submit more applications next year.  There was a suggestion that older members be required to complete 2 or 3 apps, depending on their years of FFA experience and time in their SAE.

I’ve gotten some decent suggestions on what to do with non-FFA folks while others work on proficiency apps.  I’ve got to think about this issue a bit more and formulate a plan.

Many of you said that you learned a great deal throughout the process.  Many said that you procrastinated a lot.  Some said they wish they had paid more attention in English – it would have helped with the writing. At least one of you said that you learned that you are really lazy!

What would have made your application more competitive:

Top answers included –

  • More photos – or photos in general
  • better captions
  • Proof-reading and editing your writing
  • not waiting until the last minute
  • making sure all the standards relate to the proficiency area you are applying in
  • One of you actually said you were glad that I made you do proficiencies!  WooHoo!

For today:

On your blog, address ALL of the following:

  • What CDE are you preparing for?
  • What should requirements be for making a State CDE Team?
  • Have you been invited to join a google classroom where all of our study materials are held?
  • If so, have you joined the classroom?
  • If not, send me an email and I’ll get you added to the appropriate classroom.
  • If you have no idea what CDE you want to try, check the rules here  You also received an email from me a week or so ago with descriptions of each CDE.
  • What are your plans for CDE preparation?
  • What are your goals for your performance in CDEs this year?
  • Have you found study resources independent of the ones that I have that you are using?  If so, provide links to them please.

Your post is due Monday, February 29, 2016 at 8:15 a.m.

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