Several things for each of you to take care of today:

If you have not yet created test banks from the tests from Flandreau and Tri Valley, please do that today!  I’ve only gotten a couple of them – that means most of you should have something to do this morning that does not involve Craigslist, games, your phone, or any number of other things!

Please log into AET and get caught up with records and FFA etc activities TODAY!  Most of us haven’t touched AET since February 18th. Many of you have paychecks, hours of work – paid or unpaid, community service hours, FFA activities, etc to enter.  Maybe you even have a new SAE that you need to get started in AET.

There are still CDEs to study for.  I’ll be creating and uploading new tests to the Google Classrooms today and in the coming days.

Also for today:

881The recent attack in Brussels killed at least 30 and left an additional 230 injured. The Tri Valley School Board is discussing a policy that would arm one or more of their teachers with a hand gun.

What are your thoughts?  If everyone carried a gun, would there be more or less shootings?  Would a hand gun have made a difference in Brussels?  What do you think about one of your teachers carrying a concealed hand gun everyday at school?  Do you believe that you are in danger here at school?  Do you think that you may someday be a victim of a terrorist attack?  Are there things that could happen in the future which would change your opinion – make it more or less likely that American will be a terrorist attack target?

Your post is due Wednesday, March 30, 2016 at 8:15 a.m.

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