Labeling Food – No, not GMOs Jordan!

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For today:  We’ve talked a lot about GMO labeling this year.  One thing we haven’t discussed is whether current labeling should change to reflect other information on the label.

According to a story by Lester Holt of NBC Nightly News : Most people are unaware of just how much work it takes to shed the calories from some of their favorite snacks and beverages — but a study has found that simplified exercise labeling, can change people’s awareness and behavior.

Watch the video below:  If it doesn’t play, that’s not a big deal.

NBC shared this graphic to show the amount of exercise it would take to burn off some of these favorite snacks:


Do you think changing food labels to reflect how long it would take you to burn the calories you consume would make a difference in your food choices, or those of your friends and family? Does the information presented surprise you?  Will it make you think twice before biting into that cinnamon roll?  What favorite snacks are worth the extra exercise to you? Do you think adding these kinds of labels would make a difference in the US in our obesity rate?  What is the current obesity rate in the US? What about South Dakota?  A couple of years ago, a study was done in our school district that found that 44% of students in grades K-12 were obese or overweight.  What do you think about that?  What’s the difference between overweight and obese?

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