Going in Circles


Have you had experiences in your life where the same old issue keeps coming up again and again?  Sometimes I feel like I’m going in circles; dealing with an issue, then dealing with the very same issue about 2 months later.  Some of the most complicated relationships and issues we’ll ever deal with involve family and friends.  What issues do you deal with in your life that just when you think you’ve got it handled and can put it on the back shelf, it rears its ugly head again?  some of you are just beginning to get into this kind of “fun”.  You’ll head off to college and share a very small space with another human being who may not share your love of late night homework or pizza binging.  There will be conflict!  How will you deal with that conflict in the future. Is there one thing that your parents just keep bringing up, over and over again?  Tell me all about it!

Your post is due Monday, May 2, 2016 at 8:15 a.m.

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