If This Happened to You?

Sometimes, when I’m feeling particularly sorry for myself for one weird reason or another, I wonder how much more I can really take.  Then, I hear a story about someone like Austin Hatch, and decide that I need to pull up my bootstraps and get through whatever obstacles I’m dealing with at the time.

This video courtesy of ESPN

Who is the video about?  Why is his life remarkable?  The Michigan head basketball coach mentions that Austin told him he’d only had two bad days in his life – what were they?  Did Austin wait to accept his scholarship to play basketball at Michigan?  How serious were Austin’s injuries from the second crash?  What was his prognosis for recovery (what did they predict about his recovery)?  What was Austin’s dad’s goal for his son?  Why did Austin move to live with his uncle?  What benefit did the move provide for Austin?

In what ways was Austin lucky?

How would you handle losing a parent and all of your siblings?

What factors helped Austin to move on and realize his father’s goal for him?

Your post is due Wednesday, May 18, 2016 at 8:15 a.m.  If you are a senior – your post is due before I can sign your check out sheet.

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