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God-Made-a-Farmer-1We’re going to get started right away this year with the discussion of ag advocacy and your role in speaking in a positive manner for our industry.  We’ll be taking a look at how advocacy can occur across different platforms and media.  Today, specifically, we’ll be taking a closer look at John Deere.

View this video:

For All Generations – John Deere

Download and fill in this worksheet while you watch the video – It’s a pdf form with fillable blanks.

john deere info worksheet

Read this article

When you have completed your John Deere worksheet, save it as your name and upload it to your blog along with answering the following.

What is advocacy?  Why is it critical for the agriculture industry that we advocate for ourselves?  Give a couple of examples of places or topics in agriculture that you feel need extra positive PR (public Relations) work currently.  How can you be a positive voice for the agriculture industry in our area?  What is necessary for you to do so?  Is ag advocacy only something that farmers need to be concerned about?  What do you believe are some of the most prominent myths associated with American Agriculture that should be dispelled?  How have you personally been an ag advocate in the past?  If you don’t believe you have been yet, how do you think you should start?  What’s your first step toward advocating for agriculture?

Your post is due Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at 8:15 a.m.

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