What Stands Out?

If you are available to help with a fundraiser at Sunshine tomorrow – November 5th from 9:30 – 1, please let me know.  We need at least 8 people.  It’s a lot of fun and pretty easy – you just stand at a station in the store and hand out samples of yumminess!  We’ll take turns running different sample stations so you’ll get to try everything.  Take my word for it – you won’t need to eat lunch!

All written materials for District Leadership need to be turned in by next week Thursday.  this means Job Interview, Prepared Speaking, Ag Comm, Ag Issues, and Market Plan.

Job Interview people will also have to complete their hand written job application.

Underclassmen – sophomores and juniors – get going on your SAE grants please.

14117824_1434533003229544_1987374976325804831_nWe’ve had a pretty eventful month here at WC!  In good ways and bad ways we’ve experienced things that we’ll remember for quite some time.  When you look back over the past month, what moment or moments stand out for you?  Why? Are there moments you never thought you’d experience?  Did things happen that took you to a place you didn’t expect to be?  Have the events of the past month left you feeling good about your life, hopeful, proud, or sad and disappointed?  Tell me all about it!

Your post is due Tuesday, November 8, 2016 at 8:15 a.m.

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