Ag Communications – Carson, Emma, Jake, and Lauryn – check your email.  Please – run through your presentation a couple of times during class today.  Study for your editing test and communications test.  There are 3 teams at district.  You have to be in the top 2 to make it to state.

Market Plan – Kenzie, Nic, and Sam – finalize what you want on your tri-fold and we will start cutting things out Wednesday and Thursday this week.  Run through your presentation a couple of times too please.  I will need your final version of your written work on Thursday. There are currently 2 teams at district.

Job Interview – Carson and Dalton – I need your letter, resume, and handwritten job application on Thursday.

Sophomores and Juniors – So far two of you have downloaded the SAE Grant application.  They are due next week Tuesday – November 15th.  Some of you have A LOT of work to do!  There are currently 10 grants with NO applicants! and only two grants with more submissions than awardable grants.  Free money folks – come get it!

BIG Idea judging is happening right now. The goal is to announce the 8 finalists by this Friday!

14390663_1454392317910279_7036770004307655959_nWhat is the best decision you’ve ever made?  Why do you see it as your best decision?  Was it a decision that you struggled with or was it an easy one to make?  Was your decision unpopular with your friends?  Did you have to convince your parents that this was the right choice?  Tell me all about it.

Your post is due Thursday, November 10, 2016 at 8:15 a.m.

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