What’s new with the pipeline?

You’ll be doing a bit of research today.  We haven’t checked in on the Dakota Access Pipeline in several months.  What’s been happening with the pipeline?

Read this article.

Read this article.

Read this article.  

In your blog post – please provide a brief synopsis of each of the three articles linked above (tell me what the story is about).  Also – react to the following:  So – who’s suing whom?  Why?  Does the judicial system have anything to say about the situation?  if so – what?  Have there been any leaks in the pipeline?  If so – tell me about them (where, when, how much etc.) When did oil start flowing in the pipeline?  How has agricultural production been impacted by the pipeline? How has the economy been affected by the pipeline?  Did President Trump have any impact on the DAPL or pipelines in general?  If so – what did he do or say about them?

Please restrict your research and information only to the Dakota Access Pipeline!

Your post is due Wednesday, August 30, 2017 at 8:15 a.m.


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