If you’re reading this……..

You’ve discovered that this is a totally new website.  I learned the valuable lesson of patience today!  In my haste to migrate the Ag Leadership page to a different domain, I managed to delete the entire database!  Yay me! NOT!  So, there went nearly four years worth of work.  Guess we’ll start fresh.  Please bare with me while I continue to re-build the site.

For those of you that need the prompt for the most recent post, here it is:

It’s National FFA Week.  A time when we celebrate the history and traditions of American agriculture and leadership.  Part of that responsibility is to be sure that we are adequately educated and can speak intelligently about our industry.

Chipotle is at it again.  Please watch this video and react to the message it sends.

What do you think about what you saw?  Is there anything wrong with the message that Chipotle is sending.  What can you do to help send a more positive message about agricultural production in America?

Your post is due Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 8:30 a.m.

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