Personal Pages – Proficiency Apps

Personal Page and Resume

Each proficiency application has attachments that need to be included.  The two attachments required are an instructor’s statement – that one’s on me.  The second, is “your” personal page.

  • Attach one page of additional information, of your choice, supporting your application for this area. (i.e., Newspaper clippings, additional statements from employer, student work, etc.)
  • Write a personal story even with a little background on their family (especially if not a farm background) then talk about all phases of their SAE and how/what FFA activities they have enjoyed the most etc.
  • For some we will do ads, collages, certificates of attendance at marketing workshops, an additional letter from an employer, inventory pages for some breeding livestock, Newspaper articles scanned in to a page, etc.

For our purposes, we’ll do one page, single spaced, 12 pt font.  Talk about your SAE – all phases, not just the one in the proficiency app you’re working on (this way the personal page could be used for more than one area of proficiency apps.)  Talk about your FFA Experiences – things you’ve done, plan to do etc.  Talk about your future plans for education, SAE and FFA involvement.

We also need to spend some time working on your Resume for your proficiency app.  AET will build a lot of it, we just need to make sure you’ve got things entered.

I’m attaching two examples of personal pages and resume’s from former National Finalists.  Use them as a guide.

Personal page 1

Personal page 2

I also have quite a variety of personal pages from last years’ applicants.

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