Blue Leadership Section

Today we’re going to start digging in on records.

Go to this site

Click the Student link

Chapter Number is SD0068

Your user name is your first initial (capitalized) and your last name with the first letter capitalized.  Example LPetersen

Your password is the same as your user name.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 11.06.05 AM

Once you are logged in click on profile. Work through those tabs and enter information.  You will also be able to change your password to something more secure and that you might more easily remember.  Work through the tabs in the student profile section.  When editing your personal profile, please enter a valid email address for at least one of your parents.  This system will allow me to send a mass email to all parents for things like State Convention info or Banquet and Picnic invites etc.  Record your ag classes for the past two or three years.  for last year and the year before you will just enroll in the Ag class.  I didn’t enter all of the classes.  Start working on entering info.  If you need help, let me know.  Under Develop your AET Experiences – select those things that would be involved in your SAE.

The Journal Tab gives you the following options:

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 11.09.59 AM

Here is where (Time in your AET Experiences (SAE’s) you will record your hours etc for your SAE.  Start entering beginning with January of this year.  We’ll work on prior years soon.

If you have questions, let me know.  Rachel S. worked through some of this with the White Ag Leadership section yesterday.

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