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Continue working on your SAE records, BIG Idea, Soybean Video, Leadership CDEs, etc.


Be prepared to back up your opinion with stats and resources.  Let’s start with some definitions of Organic, conventional agriculture and GMO. How do you feel about Organic vs Conventional Agriculture? Are GMOs safe? Which form of production is better for the environment – organic or GMO/conventional?  How do each benefit or harm the environment?  What percent of crops grown in the U.S. are GMO crops?  What will happen to food demand by the year 2050?  How will we produce the necessary food and fiber? Is there any legislation – proposed or passed – that addresses labeling of foods as GMO or Organic?  What is the difference between “Organic” and “Natural”?  Are “Organic” products always GMO free?

On your blog – Provide definitions of Organic, Conventional agriculture, and GMO.  Answer all of the questions above.  State your opinion, back it up with facts and or statistics that you found.  Include a link to the resource that you are basing your opinion on.  I’ll be surprised if everyone is in favor of GMOs.  I’ll be even more surprised if everyone has the same opinion on everything!  Opinions are great, everyone has one.  The question is, can you back your opinion up with facts?  Here’s to hoping that you’re all mature enough to form an educated opinion of your own.  That’s what being an advocate is all about!

Your post is due Thursday, September 18, 2014 at 8:30 a.m.

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