All about You!

Congratulations Trojans on your very decided victory against the Braves last night!  One down, three to go!

Kelli Garry, our National Officer Candidate advanced through the cut last night and moves on to further interviews the remainder of the week!  National Officer elections will take place Saturday afternoon.  You can watch live on RFD-TV if you are interested.

Bryghton – PLEASE – get your logo and advertisement done and uploaded.

Continue to work on Leadership CDE materials.  They are due to me on November 4th, that’s someday next week.

Soybean Video – Do it!

Jackrabbit Leadership Invite – Thursday, November 6th.  We will leave the school in OD at 7:00 a.m. and return about 3:15

For today:


WE may think that we know everyone, but we all have those little known pieces of ourselves.  What is it about you that most don’t know but should?  Are you secretly shy but compensate really well?  Are you embarrassed by something in your life but act in a manner to cover it up?  Do people think that everything goes your way and you are simply lucky, not realizing how hard you really work for things?  Tell me your tale!

Your post is due Friday, October 31

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