Pork Shortage? But I need Bacon and Sausage to Live!

Several of the seniors have completed their National FFA Scholarships and have been approved by me.  You should have received an email from FFA directing you to print your signature page.  Please print that, take it home and get it signed, then bring it back to me. Bryghton – I emailed you your log in info.  Please work on it today!

CDEs – Please be sure that you are sharing study materials that I air-dropped to some of you with your team members.  If there’s a way to improve your ID Keynotes, by adding additional pictures so you don’t simply memorize one picture of whatever the thing is, please, work on that! Our first CDE is March 18th, the other two follow very closely.  I doubt that we will have results back from the first competition before registration is due for the next CDEs.  That means – that you won’t be able to switch CDEs after the first competition unless someone drops off a team that you want to be on.  So – spend some time making sure you know which CDE you are going to prepare for and compete in.

For today, Chipotle is at it again!  Surprised?  I’m not.


Read this article.

Check out what Chipotle say about their “Responsibly Raised” standards here.  Information specific to Beef,  Pork, Dairy, and Chicken here.

In one sentence, what’s going on?  What are your thoughts on the article?  What are your thoughts on Chipotle’s standards for sourcing products for their restaurants? What about their advertising tactics?

Your post is due Friday, January 23, 2015 at 8:30 a.m.


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