More Hunger

Continuing on with our study of Global Food Insecurity; research and answer the following:


How will other major issues (climate volatility, population growth, water scarcity, urbanization, energy demand, pollution, etc.) affect your chosen factor and the wellbeing of your sample family and their community in the decades ahead?

Based on your research, give your recommendations on how to effectively address your selected factor to improve the food security of your rural or urban family in the country on which you have focused. What **Millennium Development Goals and associated policies, technologies, practices or investments do you recommend to solve this situation by 2015? Describe one or more local projects in your focus country that could be scaled up successfully.

**For information on the Millennium Development Goals, click here.

Give your suggestions for the appropriate role of communities, the national government, corporations and other organizations (United Nations, World Bank, international research agencies, non- governmental and civic organizations, etc.) in implementing your recommendations in your country. How should rural farm and urban families be involved as key players in implementing these recommendations?

Your post is due Thursday, February 12, 2015 at 8:30 a.m.


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