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Today’s post is about others.


Have you ever thought about the things others do for you?  Tell me about a time, or two, when you did something nice or good for someone else?  Did you expect anything in return? Did that person bother to thank you or appreciate what you had done for them?  Conversely, what things have others done for you that made a difference in your life?  Were you appreciative at the time or did it take some time to realize that what another person had done was for your benefit?  Do you think others who have been nice to you, created opportunities for you, or opened doors to new opportunities for you expected much in return?  Tell me about a time when someone else made a positive difference in your life with their words or actions.  Our lives are about Service.  Service to those around us.  It’s not all about what’s in it for me, it’s more about what can I do for others by serving them and improving their situation, life, or experiences.

So – next time someone goes out of their way for you, remember to say Thank you.  It’s the only repayment they’ll get and means more than anything to simply know that their actions have been noticed and appreciated.

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