A Merger of Mega Proportions


Read this article.

What companies are merging?  Which company is one of the oldest in America?  When was it founded, and what was the first product it produced?  What do some blame for the downfall?  How much was total revenue down by October?  What products is DOW known for producing?  What things will the newly merged company be without?  Paraphrase (re-write and shorten in your words) the three negative aspects of the merger.

What sectors of the market is DuPont active in?  (you’ll have to do some googling)  What companies or products fall under the DOW umbrella?  How are these two entities involved in agriculture? (again, more googling)

How will this merger impact those working for Dow or DuPont companies?

Your post is due Thursday, December 17, 2015 at 8:15 a.m.

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