Personal Page, Resume, & Grants For Growing

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Personal Page and Resume

Each proficiency application has attachments that need to be included.  The two attachments required are an instructor’s statement – that one’s on me.  The second, is “your” personal page.

  • Attach one page of additional information, of your choice, supporting your application for this area. (i.e., Newspaper clippings, additional statements from employer, student work, etc.)
  • Write a personal story even with a little background on their family (especially if not a farm background) then talk about all phases of their SAE and how/what FFA activities they have enjoyed the most etc.
  • For some we will do ads, collages, certificates of attendance at marketing workshops, an additional letter from an employer, inventory pages for some breeding livestock, Newspaper articles scanned in to a page, etc.

For our purposes, we’ll do one page, single spaced, 12 pt font.  Talk about your SAE – all phases, not just the one in the proficiency app you’re working on (this way the personal page could be used for more than one area of proficiency apps.)  Talk about your FFA Experiences – things you’ve done, plan to do etc.  Talk about your future plans for education, SAE and FFA involvement.

We also need to spend some time working on your Resume for your proficiency app.  AET will build a lot of it, we just need to make sure you’ve got things entered.

I’m attaching two examples of personal pages and resume’s from former National Finalists.  Use them as a guide.

Personal page 1

Personal page 2

Your personal page will be due to me with your printed application on Tuesday, February 16, 2016.  This will give us the 17th to re-work anything that needs to be addressed prior to me taking them to Brookings for Judging on the morning of the 18th!

All of your picture pages (6) will need to be printed in color.  Once you’ve got those done let me know so that I can start printing!

Your application requires several signatures – yours, a parent, your ag teacher, principal, and most recent employer (that deals with the specific proficiency area you are competing in – this may be your parent again.) Print off the front page and get those signatures taken care of so we are not scrambling for them the week that they are due.

For your reference, here is the document that outlines all of the due dates for the proficiency application.

Proficiency Due Dates

Grants For Growing:


I received an email from folks at National FFA yesterday concerning the TSC Grants for Growing program.  To date, they have only received 160 applicants.  They have financing for 300+ grants at $500 each.  Here is what they say about the grants on the FFA Website:

What exactly is Grants for Growing?
Grants for Growing is a competitive grant process where chapters submit an application outlining a new or existing school agricultural project. The grants are to be used to further or boost current agricultural education programs/projects or to build new ones. The project should be sustaining, meaning not just a one year event. The program/project should live on to benefit future FFA members. These chapter grants will allow for a greater impact in local communities and enhance chapter learning experiences.
How do we apply?
Between Jan. 15 and Feb. 15 advisors will log in to and complete the Grants for Growing grant application. To see the application requirements here

    • Program/Project title?
    • Describe, in detail, the project the chapter grant will fund?
    • How will this grant help to further your chapter’s agricultural education program?
    • Detailed Budget (review budget guidelines) – See below:
    • Can the Tractor Supply Company name be incorporated in your project?

Funding Guidelines

Allowable Expense Examples

Transportation to and from service sites
Educational outreach materials
Vegetation – Ex: fruits, vegetables, trees, seeds, etc.
Other expendable materials – Ex: chicks, feed, mulch, etc.
Small Equipment Purchases – Ex: tiller, tools, etc.
Portable storage

Non-Allowable Expense Examples

Stipends or scholarships to students or the chapter
Indirect costs (cost of administering the grant funds)
Food items/drives
Travel to or from state or national convention
T-shirts and giveaways
FFA dress

Categories to Include

Non-Expendable Equipment Costs

Items having a useful life of more than one year. Examples include small tools, tiller, etc.

Materials & Supplies

Expendable items having a useful life up to one year. Examples include educational outreach materials, seeds, soil, etc.

Marketing & Communication

Any materials used for advertising or publicizing the project. Examples include brochures, flyers, etc.


Costs to travel to sites related to project outcomes. Examples include travel to service sites, presentations, etc.

Any other anticipated costs that are not included above. Examples include, equipment rental, animal medicines, animal feed, etc.

The fundraising period will take place during FFA Week, Feb. 19– 28. During that time chapters are encouraged to volunteer a few hours and engage customers to help drive the sales of the paper emblems. Chapters are not required to participate in a store. All chapters are encouraged to apply even if there is no Tractor Supply store with in close proximity. Promotion of the event with social media, posters, broadcast and print may earn extra points toward the grant.

All we have to do is identify a project to spend the money on, describe how it will benefit the most students, what we plan to do after the money runs out to sustain it (if it is long term), and identify how TSC can be incorporated (if it can) into the project. A quick budget estimation for the project and you’re done. Easy way to get money for getting kids involved in FFA activities.

Any ideas?  I’ll write the grant, I just need your awesome ideas!  Please read through all of the rules etc. and make sure your idea fits the requirements.

What’s your assignment in all of this?  1. Work on your personal page and other areas of your proficiency app.  2.  Send me an email with a/some grant ideas that would fit the Grants For Growing criteria.  If you do this in a group – include all the names of the people brainstorming together in one email from one of you. Your email is due Monday, February 8, 2016.


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