Stuck in an Elevator!

One week from right now we’ll be waiting to hear the results of all of the CDEs at State Convention!  Can you believe it’s almost here already?  Are you ready?

Several years ago, when National FFA Convention was still in Kansas City, and Laura Alderson – Nordlund was serving as the State FFA Treasurer, she got stuck in the elevator of the downtown Holiday Inn.  For several hours!  Three years ago or so, several of our members had an altercation with the elevator in Fort Pierre.  Seems like WCFFA maybe has some issues with elevators?

1063I’ve had the opportunity to meet some really cool, and semi-famous people in elevators around the world.  This is kind of like the who would you like to have dinner with question.  So – Who – from any time in history – alive or dead – would you like to be stuck in an elevator with for an hour?  Why did you chose that person (or people)?  What questions would you ask them?  What things would you like to learn from them?  What would you like them to know about you? Would you snap a selfie with your person or people? Do you think you would be able to build enough rapport with this person to remain in contact with them, or would you simply be glad to get away from them?

Your post is due Thursday, April 7, 2016 at 8:15 a.m.

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