Unfulfilled Dreams

Proficiency Results from Sunday night:

Ag Communications – Ellie Krizan – 1st place
Ag Mechanics, Design and Fabrication – Jordan Lueth – 1st place
Ag Processing – Alex Klein – 1st, Erica Lorang – 3rd
Ag Services – Quinn Hanisch – 2nd place
Diversified Crop Production – Matt Dellman – 3rd
Diversified Horticulture – Ryan Titus – 3rd
Equine Placement – Braden Pirrung – 2nd
Poultry Production – Joe Hanisch – 1st
Outdoor Recreation – Cory Smith – 1st
Sheep Production – Kyle Vockrodt – 1st
Wildlife Management – Weston Hanisch – 1st

I’m really proud of all of you that put the time in to complete an application.  I think we did really well for our first year, looking forward to seeing what you can accomplish next year!

For today:


What is one unfulfilled dream you still have?  What things on your “bucket list” have yet to be accomplished?  What effort will it take on your part to be able to put check marks in those boxes?  Are any of your dreams dependent on the performance or action of other people?  How can you overcome any obstacles that may stand in your way?  Which things on your list do you think will be the last things your accomplish – why?

Your post is due Thursday, April 14, 2016 at 8:15 a.m.


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