We all make mistakes!  Some are larger and wider reaching than others.  What is the biggest mistake you’ve made?  What have you done to make up for that error?  Have you recovered your reputation or the hurt you caused?  On a larger level, what do you believe is the biggest mistake made throughout human history?  Why do you think that this is so?  What damage, if any, did the mistake you are stating cause?  Do some research and give me some facts!  Do you believe that this mistake could have been prevented?  If so, how?

***Also – update AET – some of you have new offices and/or awards that need to be entered.  Have you worked any hours – paid or unpaid?  Did you buy any livestock, supplies, etc?  Have you entered any paychecks? Have you started a new job, taken any photos that apply to your SAE that need to be uploaded?  ETC!!!!!

Your post is due Thursday, May 12, 2016 at 8:15 a.m.

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