Antibiotics – should we use them or not?

We take antibiotics when we get sick.  We often use them on our livestock for the same purpose.

Watch this video for a brief introduction to the use of antibiotics in livestock production.

Now it’s time for a bit of research:

Why do we use antibiotics in livestock production?  What type of infections are antibiotics an effective treatment?  In what levels and for what purposes do we use them?  What arguments are there against the use of antibiotics in livestock production?  Are there regulations about the use of antibiotics in livestock production?  If so – who mandates them, what or how do they regulate use. Are there organizations who argue that antibiotics are not necessary in livestock production?  Who are they and what is their primary message.  Finally – what is YOUR opinion?  Do you think antibiotics are safe to use in livestock production; why or why not?

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Your post is due Monday, May 16, 2016 at 8:15 a.m.

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