20 Things We Should Say More Often!

Continue preparation for Leadership CDEs!  I need to put some grades in the book relative to your Leadership CDE requirement.  SO – review this post.  Specifically this portion:

Prepare for Leadership CDEs – whether competing or not, everyone will complete at least the following prior to November 1, 2016:  We will discuss how these items will be handed in……

If you have handed things in, remind me.  I know that I have material from Nichole, Sam, Carson, Dalton, Lauryn, Kyle and Ellie?  Anyone else?  I have half of the assignment from Jake, Kenzie, Emma, Jared, Shane, Branzon, Hunter, Carter, Tyndall, and Cassia.

Mid-Term is upon us!  How are your grades?  Will you be eligible?  Get busy!

I am caught up with grading blog posts – are you caught up?

Next week – we’re going to start spending a lot of time in AET – TOGETHER!  That means I will be guiding you step by step and we will all work in AET at the same time.  Don’t plan on getting other homework done during Ag Leadership for a while!  We’ll be working on updating records, State Degrees – for seniors with 3 or more years of membership – sorry Paige, National FFA Scholarships – all Seniors, Proficiency apps – all of you! Let this be your notice that you will need pictures!  At least 6 of them!

For today:

What things does the Kid President talk about being important to say more frequently?  Are there additional things that you think he missed?  How can you put the Kid President’s advice into action in your life?  Would an extra corn dog or two in your life make things better?  What’s really the big message of this video? You are awesome!

Your post is due Monday, November 28, 2016 at 8:15 a.m.

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