True or False

It’s National FFA Week.  A time when we celebrate the history and traditions of American agriculture and leadership.  Part of that responsibility is to be sure that we are adequately educated and can speak intelligently about our industry.

View this Chipotle ad from 2012

And this one from 2014

And this video from an opposing viewpoint

One more, this time from Panera Bread

A reaction from an opposing viewpoint:

Read this article.

Check out Chipotle’s website and read their key messages with regard to the food the buy and serve.

On your blog – What are your thoughts about the video messages from Chipotle?  What recent issue plagued Chipotle restaurants in the last couple of years?  Have there been other restaurants that have faced similar issues?  Who are they, what was their obstacle?  How do Chipotle’s videos make you feel about American agriculture?  What things in Chipotle and Panera’s adds are misleading? Is there a fast food restaurant that is particularly supporting of farmers?  What can you do to support agriculture and get your voice heard with regard to some of these advertisements?

Your post is due Friday, February 24, 2017 at 8:15 a.m. – Snow day or not!

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