The Child Inside

I’ll have the State Convention Schedule out to you later today!

We’re working on materials for the Lock-In – be watching your email for that.  The FFA Banquet is coming up on May 9th – email will be forthcoming about that as well!

Some of you have seen photos from my Easter Vacation.  For those of you that haven’t – just imagine me dressed in the styles of the 1940’s.  My husband and I attended an event where the crowd looks as if they’ve stepped back in time.  What girl doesn’t love to play dress up?  What do you miss from childhood?  Did you set up your entire “farm” on the living room floor?  Were there special toy trucks, tractors, combines etc that made your farm complete?  Are there special treats you received when you traveled to a grandparent’s home?  What things do you miss from childhood?  Is it the simplicity of that time in your life that you long for?  No homework, no chores, no real responsibilities or life-changing decisions to make?

Your post is due Friday, April 21, 2017 at 8:15 a.m.

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