Things that make you crazy!

Congratulations to all the Homecoming Royalty!  We are especially proud of our own FFA members Tiffany, Derick, Gabs, Olivia, Isak, and Laura!

If you claim to have nothing to do:

  1. Memorize Ag Issues or Ag Comm Script for nationals
  2. Research to be better prepared to answer questions at nationals
  3. Study for your editing or communications quizzes
  4. Work on your BIG Idea
  5. Work on Leadership CDEs for this fall
  6. Work on your records in AET
  7. See the expectations for this semester here.

For today:

What qualities in people make you crazy?  Is it dishonesty, lethargy, selfishness, indecisiveness?  Do people who are always happy and bubbly make you want to smack them? What about those who appear to always be trying out for the role of “Mr. Crabby Pants”?  How do you deal with these people or their personality qualities?

Your post is due Thursday, September 21, 2017 at 8:15 a.m.

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