Opportunities that Passed you by

Today – Keep working on Scholarship apps, Proficiency apps, updating your records in AET.

What things do you take for granted?  Do you just assume people will be there for you when you have not been there for them?  What “things” from “yesterday” do you wish you had back?  What opportunities passed you by – you missed the chance to do something cool, different, or new?  Have you had a falling out with a friend and things just aren’t the same anymore?  Are the things that are important to you today different from those that were priorities for you 12 months ago? What things about school will you miss this summer, or next year when you are graduated and off on your own in school, Basic Training, AIT or work? Do your parents provide you with things that you frequently forget to thank them for?  Have you worked in a group situation where your other group members allowed you to do more than your share of the work?  Did they appreciate what you did to help them achieve a good grade?  Conversely, have you been one of the bystanders that simply let someone else do the work and then step up to reap the reward?  Do you treat people the way you want to be treated?

Think about two people you need to say Thank you to.  We’ll be doing something with that next week.  Be ready to write your thoughts and appreciation for what that person or people did for you.

Lots to think about and react to today.  Your post is due Monday, January 22, 2018 at 8:15 a.m.


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